CMU Gallery

Mary Ann Beckwith Gallery

Education and Human Services Building
Central Michigan University (CMU)
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
The gallery presents three to four exhibitions by noted regional artists annually. The building is also home to a permanent art collection consisting more than 30 contemporary paintings and representational works.
CMU Beckwith Gallery Completed

Mary Ann Beckwith Art Gallery Wing

Mary Ann Beckwith has an art gallery named in her honor, thanks to a donation of artwork from Arlee Tampas, a Central Michigan University alumna, and Pete Tampas, former faculty member in the School of Technology.

The Mary Ann Beckwith Gallery, in the new Education and Health Services building on the Central Michigan campus, is so named “because of all she has taught me and others about papers, artists, techniques,” said Arlee. “And she shares her knowledge so freely with everyone in the community.” READ MORE

CMU EHS Building

Education and Health Services Building
Central Michigan University

The new gallery is located along a 110-foot hallway cast with natural light from windows.

“I’ve been told they did it for what I’ve done for arts in this community,” Beckwith said. “I believe the arts are an important part in any community.” READ MORE